My SFU-inspired tattoo

This is my third tattoo which is obviously inspired by the best show that has ever existed. It changed my life greatly, and I’m not ashamed to say that about a tv show :)
"Everything Ends" is a half full/half empty statement to me because as morbid as it sounds (especially to people I don’t explain it to - they most always automatically assume I’m being greatly sad getting a tattoo saying that everyone dies), it also infers that the negative things in our lives end to. I’ve struggled with mental illness, self harm, and an eating disorder for most of my life so this tattoo is also to remind me that I can overcome those things. “Everything Ends” is my daily reminder to move forward and to let go of the things that hold me back.

(Submitted by guesseveryoneloses)

Watch the whole series!

I am not sure if someone already messaged you but here is the site I used to watch the entire series all over again.

You have to mess around to see what sites work best for you, which ones don’t cut you off after 72 minutes or what have you - but all in all a great place to find SFU! I would def. suggest having adblock or something similar installed too, just so you can avoid pop ups and ads.

thank you, catladyjunior for this submission!