Daily Show: Michael C. Hall


In Michael C. Hall’s interview for Vulture they ask him about SFU!

On the contrary, Six Feet Under left us completely satisfied because everything was tied up; we saw how the entire Fisher family died. 
Yeah, well, I think that particular show was uniquely positioned to have a definitive finale. It was simultaneously surprising and obvious for the show to end the way it did. But not all shows are teed up for something quite that tidy. [Laughs.]

Do you ever get emotional when you hear “Breathe Me”?
I do. I basically just see Claire blubbering in her Prius every time. And my inner Claire blubbers along with her.

You have an inner Claire?
I think so, yeah.

She’s your light passenger?
[Laughs.] Yeah, she’s my light passenger. And I have an inner Ruth. 


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