mychemicalsundance asked: What did you think of Russell? I can't stand him on one level, but I think he's a really fascinating character.

An anon asked me about him too haha. I feel the same as you do but I liked Russell in a way. His ridiculousness and self deprecating humor amused me. I enjoyed his storyline with Claire when they were in a relationship and after. 

mychemicalsundance asked: I love SFU, and I'd go as far to say it changed my life, and like you I love almost all of it aside from the Sophia arc. But did you like Arthur? His character just seemed totally bizarre, tonally, for the show.

I wouldn’t say he was one of my favorite characters but I didn’t dislike him. I thought that he was bizarre in a funny way like a lot of parts of the show. I think the most bizarre thing on SFU was this: