“I wouldn’t change anything. If you change one thing, that changes everything. And some things are the way they should be.” Six Feet Under

"If I told you something, would you promise not to laugh?"


"This is the first time I’ve ever been in a hammock, they always scared me. I always saw them in cartoons; and the  people would get in them and spin around so fast the people would go flying."

"Well don’t worry, you’re safe."

It’s so peaceful out here.

You think of it as this death montage. But, in fact, there are so many life-affirming moments that are integrated into it — there’s a gay marriage, there’s David teaching his son about embalming, there’s Ruth and Bettina and the dogs, there’s a birthday party. And it all happened; it’s all real. Initially it could be like she’s wondering, What’s happening with mom? What’s happening with David? Then it migrates into what really did happen.

Ruth: Vanessa’s a very forgiving woman.
Rico: Actually, she isn’t. She never wants to sleep with me. No matter what I do or say I can’t get her to look at me with that same hunger she used to have. It’s so painful.

Ruth Fisher + slaps