I wanted Claire to be the last one to die because Claire is the artist, Claire is the one who sees story. She sees the bigger picture. And because the series started with somebody in a car ending their life, I wanted to do somebody in a car driving off into their new life, into their new horizon.  - Alan Ball

"Nate was a guy who was running from his own mortality from day one.  It’s tragic because he never was able to get past his own shit to sort of be fully alive. Whereas Claire could do that. The fact that she saw him in the rearview mirror — it’s in the past, it’s behind her. He’s still running. He’s in the same running outfit he wore in the pilot.” - Alan Ball

Recognize the Six Feet Under set that appeared in Sunday’s True Blood? Alan Ball talks about it in the latest Inside the Episode: http://itsh.bo/M3Mpzs

100 Pictures of Lauren Ambrose - 15/100

"I went in for a meeting with Chris and Caroline, and she said "I really like it but there’s some things that seem a little safe. Could you maybe make the whole thing, just a little more fucked up?" And I picked my jaw up off the floor because that’s not a note you get from a network." - Alan Ball