Day Ten - Favorite quote or conversation.

There is no way I can only choose one! Heres some of my faves.

"You can pump him full of chemicals. You can put make-up on him. You can prop him up for a nap in the slumber room but the fact remains, David, that the only father we’re ever gonna have is gone! Forever… and that sucks, but it’s a goddamned part of life and you can’t really accept it without getting your hands dirty. Well I do accept it and I intend to honor the old bastard by letting the whole world see just how fucked up and shitty I feel that he’s dead! God damnit!" - Nate Fisher

"Well, well the prodigal returns. this is what you’ve been running away from your whole life, buddy boy. Scared the crap out of you when you were growing up, didn’t it? And you thought you’d escape, well guess what, nobody escapes." - Nathaniel Fisher Sr.

"What am I some knocked up Victorian wife that has to stay hidden from view?" - Claire Fisher

David: I don’t understand kids! When I was her age, I never would’ve taken a foot!
Keith: David, I can help. I’m a cop. That’s what I do for a living.
David: You find feet?

"You think the world runs on logic? Come on. Open your eyes." - Claire Fisher

"God hates morons!" - Nate Fisher

"You want me complain? Alright then, fuck this. Fuck you, fuck all of you with your sniveling self-pity. And fuck all your lousy parents. Fuck my lousy parents while we’re at it. Fuck my selfish bohemian sister and her fucking bliss. Fuck my legless grandmother. Fuck my dead husband and my lousy children with their nasty little secrets. And fuck you Robbie for dragging me to this terrible place and not letting me have a Snickers bar! I’m going to get something to eat!" - Ruth Fisher

Okay those are just quotes from seasons 1 and 2. I could go on. How does this thing expect to pick just one?!