The Fisher Brothers

Anonymous asked: hi, do you have a place where i can watch sfu online? i've been looking everywhere but couldn't find anything. please i really want to start watching it

I don’t, I’m sorry. If any one else knows please reply to this ask to help out the anon. 

saturday-nights-child asked: I just want to thank you for running this blog because I absolutely love SFU and it's really nice to see that someone takes time to post new things about it :)

Thank you for following! :) 

10 openings: six feet under  

uh… i don’t think you have the right show


Top Ten deaths from the show Six Feet Under. 

“I wouldn’t change anything. If you change one thing, that changes everything. And some things are the way they should be.” Six Feet Under

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite season?

It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite season because I liked them all for different reasons. They all had really unique storylines and such. But if I had to pick I would probably choose season 1 because it started it all.